Here Are Top 6 Indian Sustainable and Benevolent Fashion Brands You Should Know About

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We are firm believers of the fact that if you can be good at something aim for better and if you already are better then be the best. Being the best version doesn't always come easy, but being good does. Fashion is what we do, so we thought of making it good with our Klorophyl Social Projects. Similarly, there are few Indian brands that are doing the right thing while making everyone look great. We admire the thought and the culture of work. Here's our top 6-

6. No Nasties
Organic-check, fair trade- check, vegan-check! No nasties mean no nasty business at all. The goodness doesn't end there; Every time they sell a product online, get new email signup and/or every new day they are still in business, they plant a new tree, in their No Nasties Grove. Amazing right?
5. Nicobar 
Good Earth is keeping its activities true to its name with Nicobar, a sustainable premium clothing and home décor brand which is more than just earthy prints and fabrics. A good way of living and dressing, we say!
4. Pero 
Whoever believes that sustainable fashion is boring or not stylish enough, check out Pero. Designer Aneeth Arora has made good things desirable with his designs.
3. Ayuda
Ayuda is a fashion brand that doesn't just dress you up in great-looking outfits externally, but also makes you feel good internally. The brand offers its customers a chance to donate while shopping for fashionable clothes. A variety of social projects are taken on and a percentage of the sale proceeds are donated to charitable organisations. An absolute win-win for everyone isn't it? 
2. Shift 
Designer Nimish Shah has thrown major light on sustainable fashion with his collections. His cool vintage styles are evidence of the genius that this man is. Shift brings you collections for men, women and even quilts and candles. 
1. Grassroot
Grassroot is a sustainable, innovative and environmentally conscious fashion brand by Anita Dongre. The collection has it all right from tunics, dresses, tops, jumpsuits and even scarves all looking absolutely spectacular. In 2018, for World Environment Day, the brand collaborated with Reliance Industries Ltd. to create the Earth Tee, a sustainable t-shirt made from recycled plastic bottles. Truly, inspirational.